Belly Full of Wine

The oddest part of the moment was merely three hours before this happened, it was arguably one of the best nights of my life. Food-wise between the wine, appetizer, main course, and dessert at least a thousand mouth-gasms took place. That experience was directly followed by a leisure stroll down coble stone streets in a city with such an amazing mix of modern and 18th-century architecture; my eyes had a feast that could have matched our meal.

Our evening kicked off with an early evening swim in the pool of our gorgeous B&B, La Ferrade – located in Begles, a suburb a short bike/bus ride outside Bordeaux. Before departing for dinner in Bordeaux, we enjoyed wine and good conversation on the patio with our lovely hosts. From there we took the two-minute walk up the road to catch the bus into the city center, which was a quick 10-minute ride. As soon as we stepped onto the street I was in LOVE with Bordeaux. The city itself has such a cool vibe; 18th-century quaint meets Salvador Dali surrealism.

Upon arrival La Brasserie Bordelaise appeared to be ‘the spot’ in Bordeaux. Grateful our hosts made our reservation, we were promptly whisked back to our table past the waiting crowd. Settling into the Chateau Croix Mouton 2009 Bordeaux Superieur, a smooth citric robust red, as we perused the menu. Our appetizer was indescribable, the perfect combo of salty spiced pork. Accompanied by pate that alone was divine.

It was at this point we realized we would never get through individual entrees AND have room for dessert. Fortuitous for us, we have very similar tastes and both wanted the same entrée. We split this delectable creation of filet topped with foie gras – so rare there wasn’t even a hint of pink and so juicy it melted in our mouths.
Filet.2_Bordeaux_TemporalRelish.comWith bellies full of culinary excellence and wine we strolled the coble stone streets, at the time unknowing of how much walking we would end up doing before finding our bed…

Then it happened, riding the last bus to our B&B we realized we didn’t know where we were. All our familiar spots were dark, having been closed up for the night. We had not only passed them, but also our stop. Which brings me to the #1 rule when traveling – take note of your bus stop name and always take a card with the address of your accommodations. Seems simple enough, especially for returning travelers, yet we had become complacent and neglected this very simple rule.

Our negligence resulted in us roaming the streets of Begles for three hours. Mercifully, Begles is the Connecticut of Bordeaux – of all places to be lost from 1:00 to 3:00am, this was it. Unfortunately, it still took us three hours to find our way and consequently our bed. By the time we arrived back, we were exhausted! So take it from me, don’t get so comfortable, take note of your information – I know I’ll be getting off at Fellanau in my dreams for years to come.

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