Sardine Sonnet

rice cracker, avocado, & Louisiana hot sauce sardine... mouthwatering good!
rice cracker, avocado, & Louisiana hot sauce sardine… mouthwatering good!

You are epipelagic,
As you swim along coasts.
Surfacing at moonlight,
Feeding on plankton the most.
If you are not careful the purse seine will snatch,
From your saltwater home to a large brine batch.
Once on the shore,
Humans await.
So rich in vitamins and minerals,
They can’t wait to partake.
And very few fish are as low in mercury as you,
Giving us our healthy omegas without fear of gobbledy-goo.
Grilled, pickled, smoked or preserved in a can,
I’ll devour you fast, as I’m your number one fan.


If sardines are wrong, I have zero interest in ever being right. Though I’m not sure how anything that tastes so divine, could ever be wrong. What can I say, as much as I love the finer foods in life, there is nothing like pairing a can of sardines with an avocado atop a nice melba toast. The combination is perfection!

Being of a more adventurous spirit and having a ridiculous appetite, I rarely turn down an opportunity to taste new things – regardless how off-putting the item may sound. Chicken liver mousse, anyone? Though there have been some disappointments along the way (deer/venison is not my favorite thing), generally speaking I end up discovering a new culinary love. With sardines leading this category.

Hesitant at first, I was hooked (no pun intended) after my first bite. Not only are sardines a great snack, they are an inexpensive lunch, especially while traveling abroad. During our most recent trip to Europe, it was our go-to beach picnic (accompanied by a bottle of wine, of course) as we lounged on the La Concha & La Zurriola beaches of San Sebastian. In Spain, I discovered sardines au piment – sardines marinated in olive oil and pimento peppers. This trio, in my opinion, should be considered the holy trinity of things to come from a can!

If I’ve peaked your curiosity and you too want to try this delicacy, it’s simple and inexpensive to try. To try sardines au piment you will likely need to check out a specialty shop, locally (in SLC,UT) Caputos or Liberty Heights markets should carry this or something very similar. However, if you are not quite ready to throw down $3-6 on a can, most supermarkets carry Cliff Beach brand sardines priced under $2 a can. Full disclosure, I don’t like Cliff Beach as much as say your Ortiz or Cento brands, but they do have a Louisiana hot sauce marinated sardine that is quite tasty.

For the cracker you can go with a traditional melba toast or substitute with a rice cracker, your preference entirely. Next pick up a ripe avocado, one that will give to gentle pressure without being overly squishy. Layer cracker, sliced avocado, and sardine and await pure bliss with each bite.

Bon Appétit!


*sardine pictured is the Cliff Beach Louisiana hot sauce

** I can only hope you were as amused by my first attempt at a sonnet, as I amused myself writing it. And I was cracking up (not b/c I thought I was so hilarious, just the overall silliness of it all), especially when I saw the urban dictionary definition of gobbly goo, hence my change to gobbledy-goo.

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