Hype Worthy – Holladay Copper

Writing about Copper Kitchen is long over due, not because it has already collected praise from the majority of food news sources, but because I beyond relish this establishment. Copper Kitchen goes beyond bringing delight into my life, it brings pure bliss. While the atmosphere, staff, and location are always lovely—the food never fails  to leave me wanting more.

Their menu is based off classic American, heightened with fresh concepts and flavors that will leave you wanting to lick your plate. Over the last year I have eaten my way through the majority of their menu, and never been disappointed. However, with the exception of dessert, my last visit was the only occasion I managed to refrain from diving in long enough to snap a few photos.

For starters, the octopus is perfectly grilled without even the slightest squeak or rubbery feel in texture. Accompanied with sweet balsamic, salt of green olives, and spice from thinly sliced jalapenos it offers every aspect your taste buds seek from a single bite.

Grilled Octopus (inexpertly photographed by author)

Moving into the main course, my duck resting atop the spring pea puree was perfection. Crispy outer skin containing meat so tender chewing was barely necessary, yet so flavorful I wanted to savor every bite. While some purées can come across as baby food, the pea purée is seasoned for adults with an element of airiness. Throw in the cumin gastrique, which adds a nice depth of earthy notes without being overly powerful, and there wasn’t so much as a morsel left on my plate.

Another amateur shot by author

My better half ordered the CK burger, rare, and much like we have come to expect was thoughtfully executed, with every component from the bread to the dressed greens atop the burger able to stand on their own merit.

All I can say is I should have photoshopped for actual vibrant color, but no one would have believed it was real. This dish pops!

Always a sucker for the classic champagne glass, my cocktail of choice was the whimsical rose mallow, which goes down smooth enough, I almost always order two.


If the weather is nice opt for patio seating for beautiful views of Mount Olympus, along with views of the trending Holladay Plaza scene. As far as I’m concerned, Copper Kitchen, is the proverbial rug that really ties the plaza together.

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