The Word

Temporal Relish is a blog about all that can delight in this limited space called life.

For previous readers, you might notice Temporal Relish has a new look and may be missing several previously viewed articles. While I will continue to post some of my life observation articles, I have decided to make food more of a focal point (which will sometimes encompass travel – when dining out of the Salt Lake City & Park City areas).

With the exception of my family, food is by far my favorite part of life – well prepared food can be euphoric. Hence, my decision to utilize Temporal Relish as more of a showcase for tasty bites. Giving myself another reason to stuff my face just seemed logical.

As previously stated, as the creator and writer for Temporal Relish, my hope is readers will find our posts amusing and useful – whether that mean by: relating to, finding informative, thought invoking, or all of the above.

Thanks for checking out Temporal Relish!



Check out My Good Marks on
With over half a million regular readers, The Indie Chicks was so successful, it is no more. The owners are now focusing on their own books and personal blog ventures! Loved my experience working with them.



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